Chocolats Andrée is an enduring classic. A love story that has been cultivated daily since 1940. Our workshop-boutique, located on Park Avenue, offers a gourmet selection of more than fifty varieties of high-end chocolates. Marveling at the counter display, customers take in a harmonious mix of textures and flavours, that are great gift ideas for others or yourself. To mark an anniversary or not. With a distilled spirit or a big glass of milk. At a leisurely pace or hastily, as soon as you step out of the shop.

These classics by master confectioner Michel Hadd favour new recipes, seasonal specialties and discoveries of all kinds. But as we continue to evolve, we make use of the same tools and production methods we devised 70 years ago. By preserving such practices, dare we say that we’re a harbinger of trends to come? Our chocolates bring to mind the history of a great family, to which all are invited. This is where merry rituals, moments of happiness and fond souvenirs are set in motion.

We look forward to welcoming you.