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Chocolate & Whiskey pairing box

Chocolate & Whiskey pairing box

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Discovery box of high-end chocolates to taste with your favorite whiskeys. Chocolates and whiskeys… pleasure guaranteed! The Spirit brothers and Chocolats Andrée combine their passion for whiskeys of all origins and high-end chocolates to offer you a matching tasting box. For your good pleasure, alone or in the company of your evening accomplices, the pleasure will be assured! Box of 16 chocolates, 4 flavors.

Do you like fruit? You will be delighted by this candied orange peel coated with Guayaquil 64% dark chocolate. This chocolate goes particularly well with fruity or fragrant whiskeys. Suggestions The Spirit Brothers: Abner Doubleday's Bourbon, Hatozaki Blended, Velvet Cap.

The pleasure of crunchiness under the tooth! Traditional recipe for crispy praline with hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate, this chocolate is to be enjoyed with woody or malty whiskeys. Suggestions The Spirit brothers: Hatozaki Pure Malt, Isle of Raasay Peated Single Malt, Torf vom Dorf.

Salted Caramel, love at first sight! This semi-liquid salted caramel coated in dark chocolate will leave no one indifferent. This chocolate will go wonderfully with iodized or peated whiskeys, but vanilla or oily whiskeys will also make good companions. Suggestions The Spirit Brothers: Fercullen 10, Mossburn Island, Torfduett.

Guanaja: the highlight of the evening! This Guanaja 70% dark chocolate ganache enhanced with a touch of Bourbon vanilla and coated in dark chocolate is the centerpiece of our tasting box. Rich and smooth, this chocolate will pair perfectly with virtually any whiskey flavor, but it will especially be the ideal companion for whiskeys aged in red wine, bourbon, sherry or port casks. Suggestions The Spirit Brothers: Bad Na H-Achalaise, Fercullen 14, Isle of Raasay Inaugural release

Discover our partner The Spirit Brothers "The passion for Scotland, scotches; whiskeys, wines and other alcoholic beverages are at the origin of The Spirit Brothers, a spirits and wine representation agency, founded in 2020 and working mainly on Quebec territory.

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