Here’s the list of Chocolats Andrée’s range of products, made in the atelier at the back of the store. Everything is produced onsite, even the candied fruits. With its 64% cocoa content, our high-quality Guayaquil chocolate is imported from Equator.

Discover Chocolats Andrée’s chocolaty bites, handmade since 1940. Chocolats Andrée’s tradition lives on thanks to our unique know-how and a quality-seeking clientele.

The Classics

We’ve built our reputation on this fundamental quintet, which you’re invited to discover.

The Little-Creams

The ingredients used are first-rate natural extractions (orange, lemon, vanilla, butter, coffee), giving each piece pure and natural flavours.

The Choco-Fruits

Fine-picked fruit pieces, coated in Guayaquil, that fine dark chocolate imported from Equator.

The Nutty Delights

Fresh nuts, each hand coated. Whether reasonable or not, this is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

The Authentics

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Honest bites, offered in small box, case or bar varieties.

The Reclaimed Flavours

These pieces are coated in chocolate or individually wrapped in a sheet of wax paper. Very modern-vintage.

The Delicacies of Yesteryear

Here, time stops. These creamy delights are offered in line with the seasons. When one bids farewell, another comes knocking at our door. Each one, mindful to awaken the palate to new experiences.

The Sophisticated Bunch

These colourful, summery mini-sculptures made with marzipan are entirely handmade, without any pan or mould. This selection is available upon special order only.

The little seasonal treats

Little treats, great joys and unique creations. First off, a retro product that’s gaining popularity, the Cherry Treasure is a fresh, high-end take on the well-known Cherry Blossom™. Also, the Milk and Filbert Bar, a little chocolatey wonder full of filberts, those rich and flavourful nuts imported from Asia. Finally, the Praline Bar, a smooth, harmonious delight stuffed with pralines. In the summer, the Lemon Peels shine, without overshadowing the White Chocolate. During the holiday season, the Truffle from la Part des Anges (alcoholic aperitif from L’Orpailleur) gives both young and old a reason to believe in Santa Claus all over again.