“I’ll admit it, we’re barely able to keep up with customer demand. Yet, one might have been led to believe that the Saint Catherine’s taffy tradition would disappear over time, but no. In the 20-to-40 year-old range, most notably among Mile-End residents, there’s lots of interest in rediscovering this authentic tradition. The media coverage about Michel’s time-honoured production method surely doesn’t hurt, either. One must see him pull, pull and pull some more on this taffy that’s first suspended, then tightened to an enormous wall-mounted hook – otherwise, the wall would crumble. I believe our taffy is the best! At the very least, the most authentic. If taffy sweeps you off your feet…”

Saint Catherine’s Taffy – Price List

100 g – $7.75 – Approx. 22 pieces
150 g – $10.50 – Approx. 35 pieces
200 g – $13.50 – Approx. 45 pieces