Master confectioner, sweet-maker, craftsman

Michel Hadd “I’ll often be labeled a master confectioner, but in actuality, I’d mostly compare my work to that of a craftsman, in love with his trade’s skills and techniques, and satisfied by a job well done. My playground? The atelier at the back of the store. It’s a timeless space where each tool, each instrument, each appliance has a soul and is where it belongs. It’s a little nutty, even the two antique gas stoves seem to have a soul. Here, time stops. For the past 25 years, I’ve reproduced the same gestures and motions, which I believe are more refined, with my arms, hands and heart. To me, art is about consistency, meticulousness and detail. It’s a Herculean vocation, but a very Zen one at that! I learned from aunt Juliette (Farand, Madeleine’s eldest sister, with whom she co-founded the chocolate boutique). She taught me her practice, passed down her advice, her love, her passion. I try to honour two sisters’ life’s work. We have the opportunity to evolve in an environment where rituals are still valued. At noon every day, it’s the soup break. The team gathers around a table, I put all things chocolate aside and share my warm, comforting broths. For dessert, there’s always a little chocolate.