Owner, daughter, granddaughter, mother of two families

“My most vivid memories take me back to hours spent in the chocolate atelier, between the counter and the production workshop. I’d do my homework on the marble table. I can still recall the wafts of caramel and chocolate floating through the space, the orange peels, the sounds of the front door bell, grandma behind the counter and aunt Juliette at the stoves… I remember sweet smells, tastes, gestures, tools and the rhythm of movements, customers and their smiles. My mother and grandmother are my main inspiration. Then come the clients, whether loyal or new. I enjoyed quite a number of professional experiences before stepping up to take over this space, which I consider to be a place of tradition but also one of growth. At the ripe age of 10, my daughter Corinne already lends us a hand. At times, there’ll be four generations of women, all passionate about chocolate, with my daughter, mother and grandmother – always great advisers. Returning to the homemade chocolate boutique daily gives me the chance to embrace my childhood pleasures all over again. My team is also my family. In fact, I have two families, two houses.”