“Looking for a great stocking stuffer? I’d recommend the chocolate candy box in the shape of a country house. Very retro-futuristic. Also, a luxurious assortment of fruits, nuts, truffles and pralines – all wrapped up in an original box or special package. Of course, our famous red boxes, imported from Europe, are authentic cases with a four-storey golden interior, a perfect complement to our homemade concoctions. And did I mention the La Part des Anges truffle from L’Orpailleur? An aperitif wine that immediately evokes walnuts, roasted aromas (coffee, burnt toast), as well as other notes such as butter, honey and caramel? Now, imagine marrying it with a truffle! As of December, I have to keep an eye on my team – and myself – if I want these delicacies to make it to the boutique’s display cases.”